Saturday, March 26, 2016


Hudson is down a full pound since starting dialysis (today he weighed 7 lbs. 13 oz). The goal is to get him back to his birth weight of 6 lbs. 4 oz. or somewhere near it as he still has another pound and then some of fluid in him.
We are SO thankful his body is accepting dialysis and it is working well for him. I think all the extra fluid is around his head now. His face looks so good but the back and sides of his head are definitely swollen. His team has said with time that the swelling should reduce. Not only is it swollen from the lack of oxygen injury but it is also swollen with possible toxins his body dispersed since his kidneys weren't working.  
photo taken 3/24/16. Hudson laying all cute on the blanket Annalese made for him!
Looks like that breathing tube of his will be in awhile longer because when he is in a deep sleep he forgets to breath sometimes. The good news is that they do have the breathing tube on a low setting so he is pretty much doing all his breathing on his own. Yesterday they moved the feeding tube from his throat to his nose. They said babies seem to like it better that way. Plus they did an x-ray of his intestines and determined they looked great! So it was time to start feeding him breastmilk! This momma sure was excited to see her hard pumped milk finally be put to use. Last night he started getting 7mL of breastmilk every 3 hours to start working up his intestines and stomach to get used to being fed. They did up his diasylate from 30mL/hour to 45mL/hour which caused his blood pressure to decrease so he is back on the dopamine to help maintain it.
3/26/16 Mommy getting some holding time with Hudson
This weekend nothing is really going to change until Monday when the whole rest of his team is back. (They consider this a holiday weekend). This past Friday we did take the girls to show them Riley Hospital. Alivia and Abigail got to ride in a red wagon and they all get a snack at the Ronal McDonald House, but that was it as the hospital is under a flu restriction probably through the end of April. At least we could show the girls that he his there in a room sleeping way upstairs being taken care of really well. There is this Family Life organization at the hospital and they actually put together a little bag of goodies for the girls: stuffed animals, coloring books, puzzles, paint, and books to read about being away from loved ones. It was super sweet and of course they loved it.  
3/26/16 Mommy made Hudson this blanket! His belly and head are looking good!
It's been 4 days since I held Hudson (Bryan held him the day of his surgery). It wasn't kangaroo care but he did get to lay in my arms on his pillow he lays on. We are all trying to be extra cautious of his incision area and letting it heal before moving him around too much. It actually had a little bit of leakage around the area yesterday (3/26) and they are pretty sure it isn't diasylate but it is hard to tell. So please pray he stays infection free and that his incision heals properly. The nurse let me introduce a pacifier to him and he did suck on it quite a few times. I have no idea how he can suck while still having a tube down his throat but he did! Oh and they took his urethra catheter out. One less risk for infection and they can now just weigh his pee instead of measuring it. (It is still very little and quite bloody though....another prayer request.)

So far the nurses do let me help with a little bit of his care like taking his temperature, washing him down, changing his diaper, doing oral care (putting a little bit of breastmilk on his lips and in his mouth to help keep moist), or moving his blood pressure probes from one foot/leg to the other. It's no where near the same as taking care of my little guy at home but it's still nice they try to include me. 

So for now we will wait and see what the rest of his team has to say come Monday. 

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