Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Extubated! 3/29/16

Yesterday there was talk of getting Hudson extubated (breathing tube removed) sometime this week and today when we walked in to see him they were setting up to have him get it removed. I had no idea it would be the NEXT day!!
 And come to find out they decided to do an air cannula instead of the Cpap. It was determined the Cpap may cause more pressure in his diaphragm when mixed with dialysis so they thought they would go right to the nasal cannula set at the highest setting. They extubated him easily and were able to get him hooked up to the cannula quickly with no problems. Hudson adjusted perfectly! The nurses, respiratory therapists, and nurse practitioners kept stepping in to check on him and he kept breathing well! Praise the LORD!
Extubated on 3/29/16 ! (Photo taken right before feeding tube was put back in.)
After a few hours he was still going strong and if he keeps it up each day they will continue to lower the setting until he is just breathing room air on his own. Go Hudson! His team thought it would be best to either start dialysis up again today or to extubate him. They thought since his blood work numbers were staying ok it wouldn't hurt to skip dialysis yet another day as that would also give his catheter site yet one more day to heal. So it was decided today to see how he does with his breathing on the cannula. There was also talk about stopping his dopamine (blood pressure medicine) tonight. So we will find out tomorrow if he is off of that again.  

Bryan and I both got to hold Hudson again today. Of course every time Bryan is done holding him is when he opens his eyes. We got to oo and ah over Hudson after he opened his eyes again today. Later, Bryan and I got stuck in bad traffic after leaving the hospital today. After sitting in traffic for 30 minutes and still not even on the highway we ended up just going back to the hospital to hang out with Hudson again until rush hour traffic was done. Once we got back there Hudson opened his eyes again for about 20 minutes. He just stared and stared and just couldn't take his eyes off of his beautiful mommy of course, so I just stood there and chatted and sung to him until he fell back asleep.  

Today was another positive day and we are so excited to celebrate all these little milestones of Hudson's.  

Praise the LORD! Oh give thanks to the LORD, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever! -Psalm 106:1

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