Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hudson's First Easter

Happy Resurrection Sunday! Today Hudson is 2 weeks old and it's his first holiday: Easter. Hudson is looking pretty handsome in his bow tie and those baby booties are the cutest thing on earth too!
Today, it was decided to stop dialysis for 24 hours because the site of his catheter keeps leaking. It is unknown if an infection is starting or even what the leaking is. It doesn't seem to be diasylate but no one really knows. Since his levels are all really good they wanted to give that catheter site a night to just heal and when his team of doctors is in tomorrow it will all be assessed. Please pray that he does not get an infection, for his catheter site to heal properly, and the swelling in his brain to continue to go down. When we saw him today he was really wiggling and moving around so much compared to what we've been seeing him. He opened is eyes again for a while to stare at mommy. Melt my heart!  He also was trying so hard to suck on his fingers so mommy stuck the pacifier in his mouth and he was sucking on that really good for a few minutes.  
Hudson's Easter Outfit 
We had a really nice Easter. We were able to attend church and see all the people that have been praying for us or bringing us meals. I got LOTS of hugs of course. The girls looked adorable in their dresses and for some reason I feel like they just look so much older today. It was a beautiful 75 degree sunny day here so the girls got to play outside lots with the neighbor kids while Abigail napped and Bryan and I spent the afternoon with Hudson. We came home to a small Easter dinner my mom prepared for us and it was lovely. It started to rain and Bryan decided to take the girls to a movie and leave mommy home for some rest and quite time.  He is the BEST. Bryan has been stuck to my side non-stop these last 2 weeks which have just gone by so slow and yet so fast at the same time. This journey we are on may be the hardest thing yet we have ever gone through but having him by my side is more than words can say. I love him LOTS!
1st Booties! 
I am feeling so thankful and so blessed today.  

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