Saturday, April 9, 2016

4/9/2016 Update

Hudson is doing SO good post surgery. Especially since after surgery we basically had to start back at the beginning with minimum feedings and minimum dialysis due to being extremely careful that the small incision made in his belly button would not leak out any dialysate.
Poor buddy was SO hungry for about 24 hours before they finally upped his feedings to where it wasn't just a snack. He is such a trooper and sucked aimlessly at his pacifier while all snuggled in his little halo sack.
Hudson is a rockstar!
Today he is at 60ml/hour of dialysate and his feedings just got upped to 33mL every 3 hours. Yesterday the renal doctor gave the okay for me to breastfeed Hudson twice a day. I only nursed him once yesterday but was able to do twice today. He is doing so good nursing that mommy thinks he is ready for a bottle. The nurses will be trying a bottle again tonight to see how he does. His first attempt yesterday didn't go so well but since it was at 9pm and he was tired mommy decided to pause all bottle feedings during the night and to try during the day. So today at 5pm would have been his next attempt at bottle feeding and we'll have to find out how that went!  

While at the hospital today, Hudson had two wet diapers.  One at 11am was only a wet diaper that when weighed had 13mL of urine. The next diaper was 50/50 wet and poopy so they decided to claim it had 12mL of urine in it. Either way, we are so excited for every wet diaper he has! Since surgery, Hudson has been battling high blood pressure. I asked his renal doctor where that might be coming from and she said the high blood pressure mixed with the more wet diapers he is having could possibly mean his kidneys "may" be starting to work or heal. BUT there is no way to know or measure and she said she has seen kids go on peritoneal dialysis in the past and come off of it. She doesn't want to get our hopes up but she also is surprised by the wet diapers he is having lately. So we will have to wait and see what God has in store for our little buddy as to whether or not he remains on peritoneal dialysis and eventually a kidney transplant or will those kidneys heal and start to work. No matter what, God is SO good. We are so thankful for dialysis and how far our little Huddy Buddy has come.  

Right now the plans are to of course continue with dialysis and hopefully increase his feedings each day. Once he gets up to full feedings and is taking the bottle all the time or nursing mom the picc line and feeding line can come out.  Since that is our next goal and we look forward to that day to celebrate that milestone. 3 more days our sweet Hudson is 1 month old!  Wow did this last month go fast and yet so slow all at the same time...

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.  1 Chronicles 16:34

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