Monday, April 11, 2016

A New Room

Highlight of today was that Hudson got moved to a new room! Instead of room 4243 we are now in 4242 which is a little bit bigger and has a window! The nurse he had today must have had a slow day because we came in today and she was like "let's change rooms and move Hudson to a crib today!".
This was rather exciting for us because on the drive to Riley today Bryan and I were just feeling exhausted. We are exhausted from rushing to get ready in the mornings to drop our girls off somewhere, exhausted making the drive, exhausted how fast time flies when we are at Riley, exhausted from feeling we spend too much or too little time with Hudson and vice versa with the girls, exhausted from being exhausted when we are trying to spend and make the most of our time with the girls. See? Exhausted. But moving to a room today that had a WINDOW and hearing some good news from the renal team kind of brightened the day. But it also made me all the more anxious to simply bring Hudson home because this is now his 3rd "apartment" since he's been born. Gosh I can't wait for that day when he can come home. Oh, and Hudson did not get moved to a crib today...they were all being used! Maybe soon we'll walk in and see him in his big boy bed??

The good news of the day was that Hudson got to move up again on his feedings to 41 mL and that they MAY remove his picc line tomorrow. Once that line is removed it will be SUPER easy to hold him and I can go in and pick him up any time I want without the help of the nurses. Maybe. If they let me.  lol  His creatinine level is going down even though there is an increase in his feedings and they have not upped his dialysate which means his kidneys might be peeing something out. Any little bit counts! 

Still no luck on bottle feedings. The nurses only try once a day which is okay but he hates it and spits his milk out everywhere. No worries though because he's got nursing down pat. I just thought he does so well at nursing and sucking on that pacifier of his ALL the time that maybe he would take a bottle easily? Yeah no such luck. But once a day tries are fine by me because he's gotta practice and learn some day.

Today was his 3rd time of having physical therapy (they only come a couple times a week). Since I've been nursing him and having to burp him after I've kind of been doing my own therapy with him and making him practice holding that bobble head of his up. So today at therapy he got to show of his moves and how good he can hold his head up and she was impressed! Hooray for little things! Oh and I saw other babies in swings or bouncy seats and asked for one for Hudson too.  They brought him a swing. I'll have to find out how he liked it in the morning. He's been spending way too much time on his back in that halo sack sucking away at his pacifier. Good think I stocked up on those pacifiers and have a few of those halo sacks at home.

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