Monday, April 4, 2016

Just Two Weeks Ago...

Just Two Weeks Ago....
Jessica and I spoke with the neurologist, the social worker and other NICU doctors and nurses about the option of hospice care for Hudson. The ball was completely in our court, and the doctors thought that hospice care was an option for Hudson due to the MRI's revealing of "severe brain damage" and the unknown possibility that his intestines were damaged to the point of not being able to receive dialysis.
Not to mention, the surgeon possibly wouldn't perform surgery on Hudson due to his edema and the difficulty it would be to place the catheter in his abdomen. If the surgeon wouldn't perform the surgery, Hudson wouldn't have the option of dialysis, which would have meant death.
Top pic taken 3/20/16 --- Bottom pic taken today 4/4/16
Tears were shed during this conversation, but Jess and I were prepared for it going into the discussion. We knew how critical Hudson was and there had always been a chance he wouldn't survive. Having a Christian worldview, Jess and I believe that "ALL children are a blessing of the Lord, even those who don't fire on all cylinders." Also, we believe that God uses doctors and medicine as means of healing for mankind, and we were going to do everything possible to see Hudson Ryle make it though this, even if he had cerebral palsy, like the neurologists told us is still a very real possibility. Hospice care was never an option Jessica and I were considering, we were going to FIGHT for his little life and TRUST God for the outcome.
TWO WEEKS LATER: After inserting a catheter and beginning dialysis; pumping out all that extra (toxic) fluid from his body, and not being so heavily sedated, the doctors are amazed at his progress and how he looks! He moves around and acts like a 3 week old baby! Dialysis is working, he's starting to eat, and one of the nurse practitioners told us "Mother's Day" would be a good "target date" to have little Hudson Ryle home! NOW, this doesn't mean that Hudson doesn't have a long battle going forward. Dialysis is the bridge to a kidney transplant, which cannot happen until he's a toddler. Also, he still may have some side effects to the brain damage that was caused by lack of oxygen and we might not know the full extent of it until he starts missing "milestones." Regardless, he's alive and the Lord has some special plans and purposes for this little guy's life, Jessica and I believe! 
Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. -Romans 12:12

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