Sunday, April 24, 2016

Update on Hudson 4/24/2016

Little mister had a great week last week up on the Renal Floor. Though I felt like we hardly saw Hudson or his team of doctors much because Bryan and I did some serious training.  We really learned a lot.
This week's focus is to practice more with his machine and the doll they have for us to use as well as practice right on Hudson. Right now his tentative discharge date is schedule for this upcoming Thursday, April 28th!! We can't wait! We have been busy getting our house ready, his room ready, buying things we need for his care, and training of course. We have learned how to connect and disconnect Hudson, how to set up his machine, how to take his blood pressure, how to give him his epogen shot, tips and tricks on how to give him his medicine, and how to properly wash our hands for 3 minutes. 

The doctors want Hudson to gain more weight and he is doing great nursing or taking 80 mL of fortified milk from his bottle. Poor Buddy is battling some serious butt rash though that none of our girls ever had as bad as he does.  Hopefully we can get that cleared up soon!  

Last week the girls got a chance to meet their brother for the very first time! It was so precious. They had to be quiet to be respectful of other families on the floor and stay confined in a small hospital room. It was a challenge for the littles but they really enjoyed getting to see their brother. They will probably see him one more time before he gets to come home!   

all settled in on the Renal Floor in his big boy bed!

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