Sunday, May 15, 2016

2 months old!

Hudson was two months old this past Friday! AND he just started smiling this past week which is SO cute!  He is seriously adorable. We just love having him home to love on, snuggle, cuddle, hold, and kiss any time we want. We made it a whole week without any visits to Riley.
Our renal appointment last Thursday went very well. Hudson only had to get poked once for blood work and his numbers all seem to be staying steady. Bummer that his creatinine number went up a bit. But they are now focusing on upping his dialysate by 10mL each week. This week he does 100mL of dialysate every hour for 10 hours. Hudson did gain weight this week and the focus is to continue to do so. So very thankful we finally found a trick to get him to take that darn sodium chloride he hates: I put 1.5 mL in each of his bottles and that way he gets his full sodium chloride amount without gagging on it straight. We also got a rock and play for him to sleep in at night. So far it doesn't cause his machine to alarm and he seems to sleep better in it. Hudson seems uncomfortable the first few drains/fills so we started connecting him earlier closer to 7PM in hopes that he is in his deep sleep around 10 PM.  Then he usually sleeps for 2 or 3 hour stretches. We are starting to find our routine with his care and are so thankful we are able to do all of this at home.


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