Sunday, May 1, 2016

Hudson is HOME!

Hudson was discharged last Thursday, April 28th after a 46 day NICU/hospital stay! We are so glad that he is home and that our family is finally together. The girls are SO in love with their brother and just love showing him off. There is also lots of whining and arguing about whose turn it is to hold Hudson.

Hudson home with his sisters
 Abigail is having a hard time with Hudson home as she was used to being the baby and now she's not. But she is also going through a phase of no naps and now that mom is back home we are getting back on track with potting training. So lots of changes for her. Bryan and I had just gotten used to sleeping through the night and now Hudson seems to think bedtime is from 3am-10am. He definitely sleeps throughout the day and is awake at night. NOTHING wakes him up though during the day. He is used to noises and getting poked and touched from being in the NICU and he sleeps away comfortably throughout the day. Also, he may not be sleeping good at night because it is too quiet and he is used to all those hospital beeping and sounds. He did sleep a little better yesterday as I turned the radio on for him. He has a clock ticking, his machine humming, and the radio going and that seemed to help a little. Bryan and I are hoping to get a routine in soon of his care. Right now one of us primes his machine at night, we connect him between 9 and 10PM, he does dialysis for 10 hours. In the morning we disconnect him, take his blood pressure and temperature starting giving him some of his medicines. Then throughout the day we try to give him some of his medicines and find a block of time to change his dressing. Once Hudson starts sleeping better at night hopefully our morning care can get done earlier as right now it takes us until about noon to just get up and going and Hudson good to go for the day.  
Hudson is ready for the car ride home
All packed up and ready to head home!

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