Thursday, May 26, 2016

Surgery #3

Yep, Hudson is only 2 1/2 months old and just had surgery #3 today. Early Wednesday morning we were having trouble getting his dialysate to drain from him. His cycler kept giving us error message after error message and by his 10th drain he was simply stuck on 85 mLs and simply would not drain any more.
I called the nurse on call and told her it was a long night and I had to work way too hard to get him to drain and I think his catheter is clogged. So yesterday morning she told me to come on in. She did a test of adding in 10mL of saline to his catheter with a syringe and yep, she could not suck that 10 mLs back out. She sent us for an x-ray and we found out his catheter somehow got flipped up and was stuck by his liver. His catheter is just free floating inside of his peritoneal cavity and we were told this could happen or that even fibrin can clog it too. We just didn't realize this could happen so quickly.  :(  We were admitted and fluids were held in case he would get surgery but after 6 hours we found out surgery will be the next day. Hudson was VERY happy to eat. He is such a brave boy because it took them 3 tries to get an IV in him.  Then later poor little dude needed to have fluids restricted at midnight in case he got added in to surgery first thing in the AM. He got a night off of dialysis and his last feed was actually around 1:30am. Mom left him in the care of the nurses and headed home for a good night's sleep after a crazy long night the previous.  
Hudson undressed for a checkup
Today, 5/26/16 I got to the hospital around 10am to a very fussy and hungry boy.  Nothing like holding your baby and listening to his cries of hunger and seeing him have real just breaks this momma's heart. I know it's for the best and any moment he can be called to surgery. That is hardest thing ever and yes mom has cried right along with him. He got called to surgery at 12:45 pm. We waited in the surgery area a bit before he was whisked away. He got in around 2:15pm and was out by 4 PM. He recovered quickly in about 30 minutes and we were back in his room shortly after. Buddy was screaming hungry of course and still sleepy from the anesthesia but he managed to get 1 ounce in before passing out to rest. The surgeon was able to go in laparoscopicly and saw his catheter was flipped upwards and stuck near his liver. He was able to flip it back down. He said he also put a suture inside of Hudson to keep the catheter facing downward and secured it in place against his abdominal wall. Hopefully this will keep it from happening again. So all went well with the surgery today. Hudson was fussy afterwards and most likely sore too. He is such a strong little boy and I'm so proud of him today. He is staying the night tonight to make sure he does well on dialysis and the plan is for us to go home tomorrow.  

Hudson recovering/resting after surgery

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