Friday, May 27, 2016

Surgery #4 today

Hudson did not get to come home today after all. Even after surgery yesterday his catheter still had trouble draining while on dialysis last night. So today he went in for surgery #4 to just replace his catheter with the next size up.
The surgeon didn't want to replace his catheter yesterday because his exit site looks so good and if he could get it working again there was no need to replace what works. The surgeon said he checked his catheter multiple times to make sure it worked after surgery yesterday and he was good to go. No one knows why it simply isn't draining and even the surgeon was stumped. They think he simply grew out of it. I didn't realize that his catheter had such a small opening for his fluid to fill and drain and there has always been lots of talk that he will eventually need the next size catheter up.  I just didn't ever think it would be this soon.  

So yes, we were both SO discouraged this morning knowing Hudson had to have yet another surgery and feeds with-held.   The power of prayer is SO real.  On my ride to the hospital I was just crying out to God to WHY Hudson??...Please heal his kidneys....take away those hunger pains....comfort Hudson.... Guide the surgeon...bring us all peace as we are weary, overwhelmed and discouraged. I posted on FB for prayer and I got to the hospital to find Hudson asleep in the nurse's arms. I held him instantly and rocked him lots. Later we just hung out together on the couch in his room. He wasn't fussy hardly at all without food today and just sucked away on his pacifier. He seemed worn out today. The anesthesiologist said he just laid there when they put him to sleep. As I was waiting in the surgery waiting room I was just covered with peace knowing Hudson had made it that morning without food, and that we got in quickly for surgery today, and I sat there reading comment after comment on FB of all the people praying and I was overwhelmed with how awesome God is.  Surgery went great and his new catheter was put in above his old one. He started dialysis right back up with 70 mLs over 16 hours. Poor Buddy was SO exhausted and in so much pain after surgery. Two days of surgery and anesthesia have simply worn him out. He has 8 incisions all over his abdomen and every time he moves he cries. His eyes just look so sad and my heart just breaks for him. He was so smiley last week and the last few days there hasn't been one smile. I just pray he heals quickly and that all his pain goes away. I feel like these surgeries were so much harder because his first one he was sedated and now I know his cries and can tell he just hurts. Hopefully soon that sparkle will be back in his eyes. 

Thank you all for your prayers, thoughts, and comments as this has been a very hard week.  

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