Monday, June 27, 2016

A day in the life of Hudson:

* around 7:30am I wake up all smiley and happy to see mommy
* Mommy pops my pacifier in and washes her hands before disconnecting me from my cycler
*After I'm disconnected, Mommy lays me on my changing table to take my blood pressure.  Since I'm so happy and quiet I lay there nicely and let her take it quickly.
*Then mommy takes my temperature, changes my diaper, and weighs me
* She writes all that stuff down for the doctors to see at our next appointment.  Now I'm ready to get dressed for the day
*Then I finally get to come out of my room and I show off all my smiles to my sisters.  My sisters like to take turns holding me.
*I usually eat half of my bottle and then go back to sleep for my morning nap.  The rest of my bottle ends up in my NG tube.
*After I wake up from my nap I like to eat again and afterwards sometimes we hang out at home or go outside for a walk or go somewhere in the car.  I love being outside!
*After a while mommy makes me take some yucky medicine like Iron and a multi-vitamin as these are supposed to help me grow. I really don't like those.  
*I take another half of my bottle and take a nice afternoon nap
*After my afternoon nap I have to take more yucky medicine: Amlodapine and Metoprolol (for my high blood pressure) and Levothyroxine (for my hypothyroid) 
*I am usually awake all evenings.  My sisters talk and play with me lots.
*Right after everyone eats dinner Mommy takes me to my room to take my blood pressure, temperature, and weight all over again while Daddy prepares my cycler for the night.
*Then I have to lay very still while mommy or daddy change the dressing around my catheter.  
*Every other day I have to get a shot in my thigh to help me grow more red blood cells.  I only cry a little bit.
*Since all my care is ready for the night we usually hang out all together as a family for a little bit.  Sometimes we go for a walk or swimming.  If we go swimming I just help lifeguard on the side.
*Then I start getting tired and fussy which means I get connected to my cycler for the night. 
*I am pretty fussy after getting connected and starting dialysis.  Mommy hangs out with me in my room and rocks me lots.  
*Once I fall asleep I do sleep through my dialysis, which runs for 10 hours, but I wake up every 3 hours to eat.
* Throughout the night I sometimes do dialysis in my bed, rock 'n play, or swing because I can't leave my room at all since I'm connected. But morning comes soon to repeat my care all over again.

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