Monday, June 27, 2016

A little update

Our last admittance into Riley Hospital was back on June 3rd-4th. Yep, we have not been back since then! This is the longest Hudson has been home with us since he's been born.
We've been having so much fun with our Huddy Buddy and he is finally on a little routine. He is growing, eating more, smiling lots, and even started coo-ing. It's easier for his big sisters to hold him now and they are loving being able to hold him while he sits in their lap. Dialysis is going super. In fact he looks healthy and you wouldn't even know he's sick if it wasn't for his feeding tube. Most people see the feeding tube and assume he doesn't eat well because he's a premie.  Yes, he looks healthy but that's because of dialysis and the 7 medicines he takes daily. It's his insides that are not healthy.  Hudson has been battling high blood pressure last week but I think we have it figured out now by adding in a 2nd blood pressure medicine to take as well as using both 1.5% and 2.5% dialysis solutions at night. (That way he gets an even 2% solution). He currently is on 130mL fills each cycle for 10 hours.  
photo courtesy of big sis Annalese
At our renal appointment last week we talked lots with his nurse practitioner about Hudson's future on dialysis. It is still a big unknown. We just don't know if his kidneys are still healing, or if they will just start working just like that at say 18 months, or if they simply will never work. But we do know, they are not working right now. His high blood pressure, his creatinine still at 3.0, he pees less on higher dialysis solution concentrations...all of these and more point to his kidneys still have not regained function. So we wait and see, and have hope that they will heal, and pray for peace in whatever plans God has for Hudson.  
comfy in his swing
blue eyed twins

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