Tuesday, July 12, 2016

July 12, 2016 Update

This past weekend Hudson had a cough that made things incredibly difficult with his feedings. Every time he coughed he would vomit up his feeding!
We were so close to getting admitted because if he wasn't able to keep his food down he would have gotten dehydrated and when we start dialysis it will pull even more fluids off of him to make him even more dehydrated. Thankfully we tried doing half a feeding (2 ounces) every 1.5-2 hours and he was able to keep about half his feedings down.  We also tried pedialite and that seemed to help too. His blood pressure never got too high or too low, he was still wetting diapers, and he only vomited about every other feeding that way. Plus he never got a fever.  It was so much work and I felt like I was feeding him nonstop and he was puking everywhere....whew we made it though and his cough is almost gone today. The only bummer is he was gagging so much it was hard to feed him a bottle so he was getting most of his feeds through his ng tube. And now...he only will eat from his bottle in the evenings. He wants nothing to do with it. :(  
Hudson did awesome at his renal appointment today! He had to have a full panel of blood work done and only fussed a little during blood draw. He is SO brave! All of his blood work came back with numbers in the normal range! PTL as I was a little worried how his numbers would look with him being sick over the weekend. Hudson's creatinine is still holding steady at 3.32. (Healthy working kidneys would have a number less than 1.) He was all smiles for all the nurses and laid without a fuss while they examined him. The nurses said they wished all their patients would lay so still. lol

Hudson has a new medication added: Calcitriol. The doctor explained why he needed it and I totally forgot why...something to do with his calcium and thyroid. So that puts his total to 11 daily medications. 
We talked a lot about the possibility of getting a g-tube for Hudson. He has been taking less and less of his bottle by mouth and basically only drinks from the bottle once at night. All the other times he gags any time the bottle comes near him. So please pray with us for guidance in making the decision on what is best for Hudson. Our next renal appointment (in August) we will be having a consult with our favorite surgeon to see if a g-tube will be something we would like to go forward with.
Before we left, we decided to visit our favorite 5th floor nurses to show them how much Hudson has grown! They sure enjoyed seeing him. 
Prayer points:
-Please pray Hudson's kidneys continue to heal
-for mom and dad to decide if a g-tube would be best and be at peace about it
-for Hudson to remain healthy
-for him to gain weight
-for him to not forget how to eat from a bottle
-for Hudson to meet his next milestone: rolling over
-He hates tummy time and refuses to lift his head straight up. He has great head control but we could use some prayer on that tummy time practice
Praise points:
-Hudson is back to full feedings and can hold them down
-His cough is almost gone
-He is sleeping at night!! About 10pm-4am, eats, then back to sleep until 8am!!! Yahoo!
-He is cooing lots!
-He can scoot a little bit on his back! His legs are getting stronger!
-He can roll to his side

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