Tuesday, August 2, 2016

8-2-16 Check Up

Hudson had another renal appointment today.... Look how big he is getting!! 

12 lbs, 10 oz 
His blood work is looking good but that creatinine is still holding steady around 3. His potassium is in the normal range but that stinking phosphorus is kind of low so that means we do need to keep giving him more of the formula/breastmilk/kaexylate mixture versus just straight breastmilk. The good news is that we get to drop epogen shots down to two days a week instead of three and we can also stop taking calcitriol as his PTH level was good. The doctors were definitely impressed with his weight gain and so are we but boy are feedings a LOT of work. Our current feeding schedule is to fight with Hudson to take a bottle for about 30 minutes, then he takes about half of it in 15 minutes, and then the rest of his bottle goes in his NG tube. Yes, it takes an hour to feed him but it's worth it as we don't want him to forget how to take a bottle by mouth. 
Speaking of feedings....the date is set: August 22nd will be the day he has surgery to get a g-tube. Bryan and I feel at peace about getting the g-tube. We heard it is less cause for infection than the NG tube he has, his face will be free of tape and we'll get to see those cute cheeks, we won't have to worry about the tape irritating his face, and the g-tube is supposed to be even easier than the NG tube. We are meeting with the surgeon next week to discuss the surgery more. 
While our hope and prayers will always be for Hudson's kidneys to heal and maybe some day come off of dialysis we simply wait and trust in God's plan for him. Once Hudson reaches 10kg (currently 5.755 kg which is about 12 lbs 10 oz), and if things continue to stay the same, we will begin the process of meeting with the transplant team and go from there. 
Prayer points:
-Hudson's kidneys to heal
-upcoming g-tube surgery
-for him to eat some of his feedings by bottle
-for Hudson to continue meeting his milestones
-mom is returning back to work part time next week
-that the perfect home nurse would be found to help us out at home
Praise points:
-He is growing and is finally on the growth charts!
-his blood work numbers are all in a normal range
-he looks healthy
-there is no current concerns with any of his development

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