Sunday, August 28, 2016

G-Tube Surgery (Facebook Posts)

Hudson was scheduled for G-Tube surgery on Monday, August 22nd. Jess and I decided to go with the G-Tube after spending 2 1/2 months using the NG-Tube. Hudson was only supposed to be in the hospital for 3-4 days but ended up being there for 6 days. The major issue he had was not being able to hold down his bottles. 

August 22, 2016

Hanging out in pre-op! Gtube Surgery is scheduled for 8:30am EST. Thank you for the prayers today!  #TeamHudson  #Psalm138verse8

Hudson with daddy right before surgery

Hudson's surgery went great with no complications. We are in our room recovering. He is very fussy, hungry, and in a lot of pain but the nurses are on top of it getting orders in for pain relief. Currently, he is resting in mommy's arms now that the morphine kicked in. Thank you for the continued prayers. Hudson is tough and we know in a couple of days he will be back to his smiley self and probably even happier without the NG tube. #TeamHudson #gtubesurgery #Psalm138verse8


Hudson is doing much better today. He is fussy but doesn't seem to be in pain. He is having a hard time holding his feeds down, which could be from surgery, anesthesia, new meds, pain.....there is too much to pin point right now. Today's goal is to feed him less but more frequently and see if he will hold it down. He fell asleep holding mommy's hand.  

Hi everyone! I'm feeling a lot better today. I still am having trouble holding food down but the doctors have given the okay for me to have straight breastmilk. I seem to hold that down better than the fortified breastmilk. Tonight will be the 3rd night I am off dialysis and all my blood work shows that my numbers have stayed within range. My creatinine is creeping up but that's to be expected when off dialysis. I think the plan is for me to start dialysis back up tomorrow night at half fill volumes and if that all goes well I should be able to go home on Friday. Thank you for praying for me! Please pray my leak in my peritoneum heals and for my belly to not be so upset. Thanks!   Hudson

Today has been hard. Hudson is having a hard time holding his feeds down. Any time anything is put in his gtube he immediately vomits it up. Seeing him sick and worn out just broke this mommy's heart. After finally getting to meet with his renal doctor they did a xray and dye test to make sure his gtube is working properly. Everything looked fine. With all his vomiting he clearly is dehydrated so we finally have an IV drip going. After 1 hour he perked up and cooed, smiled, and played with toys. So maybe all this vomiting is from being dehydrated. He is currently eating pedialyte and if he keeps that down we can try breastmilk next. He is also starting dialysis back up tonight since he is now getting an IV drip. Please pray he can hold feeds down tonight as he has lost some weight this week. Thanks prayer warriors!  #TeamHudson

After one hour of an IV drip I FINALLY got to see those pretty blue eyes!!

This look sums up how Hudson has been feeling the last few days. But, thank you for all your prayers as he held down all his food throughout the night! Hudson did puke up his morning bottle but that is typical for him after dialysis. Dialysis went great without any problems. The plan for today is to see if he can keep his daily feeds down, up his feeds to 4 ounces every 3 hours, and if all goes well we can come home tomorrow. Mommy will be getting trained this afternoon on how to use his feeding pump. Hudson looks SO much better now that he is nice and hydrated from that IV drip. The IV can come out this evening barring he keeps his food down today. Keep the prayers coming! Thank you so much!   

My smiley Hudson is back!! He has been keeping most of his feeds down. The plan today is to up his feeds and see if he can try 4 ounces every 3 hours just like he used to eat. He looks so much better today. The plan is for us to hopefully go home tomorrow. Keep praying for him to hold his food down. Thank you for your continued prayers.  #TeamHudson

Our sweet sweet boy is so glad to be home. He is eating and holding his food down so good. He is happy and content and cooing at those big sisters he missed.  

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