Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hudson's Bath Routine (Tricky with Catheter)

Here's how Hudson gets a bath: he just gets wiped down with a washcloth and soap! No actual baths yet as we can't risk getting his catheter contaminated with germs in the tub.   He doesn't mind his quick wipe down and doesn't know what he's missing, yet.

6 more days until his g-tube surgery. I think he is ready because he keeps pulling his NG tube out! Mommy almost had to leave work early to come home and put it back in but luckily he stayed asleep until she got home. 
Right now we have a bit of sickness running through our home. The past 2 days our girls have been complaining of headaches, sore throats, and tummy aches. Our 6 year old is on day 2 of a fever and our 3 year old did vomit this past weekend. We have been blessed to be healthy most of this summer, but with Hudson's upcoming surgery, please pray that he doesn't get sick from whatever is going around. 

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