Thursday, August 18, 2016

Stomach Bug

Last week our girls were all complaining of stomach aches and each one ended up puking just once in a 24 hour period and then were better the next day.  We have no idea where this stomach bug came from as Bryan and I were fine.
 But of course, Hudson caught it too while on dialysis.  About 4:30 am he was upset and crying in pain.  Poor sweet boy was whimpering in his sleep.  When he woke up Thursday morning I went in to find him very pale, his soft spot sunken in, and a low grade fever.  Then when I was changing his diaper there appeared to be a spot that fluid pooled in his pelvic area.  I quickly fed him in hopes of getting him hydrated while making a phone call to the renal team.  They immediately had me bring him in.  All of his symptoms pointed to peritonitis.  Even though I mentioned our girls had a stomach bug during the week they started doing tests to see if he had caught peritonitis.  The urology team came and checked him out to see if that fluid may be a hernia.  They didn't think it was. 

Hudson got sent for an x-ray to see if his catheter was wrapped up in anything causing him pain.  It was not.  Hudson went to have blood work done to see if any of his numbers pointed to infection with the low grade fever he was having.  Thankfully, all of his numbers were good and nothing pointed to infection.  Since no one could figure out what the fluid build up was the renal nurses put some PD fluid in him with dye to do a CT test of his abdomen.  The CT scan showed that he does have a tear in his peritoneum. That is what is causing the fluid build up.  Since, he will be having g-tube surgery soon they decided the tear was minimal and they can let it heal while he is off dialysis for g-tube surgery.  Since Hudson was still miserable and in pain they decided to give him some IV fluids since he still looked dry.  After pushing a bunch of fluids in him he really perked back up and looked SO much better.  That's when they realized that his pain and vomiting symptoms were also symptoms of dehydration instead of peritonitis.  We had been using 1.5% and 2.5% dialysis bags at night and we concluded we will use just 1.5% so as to not dehydrate him so much again.  Thankfully, we didn't have to get admitted and we were sent home since he was looking and feeling SO much better.

August 22, 2016 is the scheduled g-tube surgery as long as he remains fever free.

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