Wednesday, September 14, 2016

6 Months Old Today!

6 months?!? Our little Huddy Buddy is 6 months old TODAY. I just can't believe it. In the last 6 months time has stood still and yet has gone so fast at the same time. Hudson has endured far greater trials that we never thought would be something our family would go through. From lack of oxygen at birth, to the unknown neurological damage he might have, to his kidneys not working, and enduring 6 surgeries by 6 months....our sweet sweet Hudson has stayed so strong and still manages to give you a smile. 

Celebrating Hudson's half birthday today causes me to pause and reflect on all that our whole family has been through. Our girls have become closer, Bryan and I have leaned on each other like never before, we have prayed harder than ever and our faith has grown greater. We have seen our friends and church family help meet our needs and our extended family send us encouraging notes and prayers. We have seen God move and have felt him during our toughest times. I am reminded of how faithful God is and always will be. Seeing my baby smile today reminds me that God's mercies truly are new every morning. Hudson has triumphed and we trust in whatever purpose God has planned for him. 
The other day at our renal appointment his nephrologist asked me how his PT and OT were going. I said great but we haven't had any yet. She was confused. "Why hasn't he started physical and occupational therapy?" she asked. I replied, "because he's meeting ALL of his milestones." Yes, ALL of them. Isn't God good? 
At 6 months, Hudson is:
-learning to sit up on his own
-learning to wave
-coos, laughs and smiles
-loves his sisters like crazy
-is often seen with a fist in his mouth
-learning to eat baby food
-sleeping through the night
-loves toys that rattle or make noise
-is seriously happy all the time
-loves to be held
-he does dialysis at 190mL fills for 10 hours
-weighs 13.6 lbs
-doesn't take a bottle at all but is g-tube fed with 125mL every 3 hours and on a continuous feed at night of 20mL/hour.
-still loves his giraffe wubanub
-currently down to 8 medicines a day

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