Thursday, December 15, 2016

Mid-December Renal Appointment

Whew, what a day! We left our house at 8:30am, dropped the girls off at a friend's house, and headed off to Riley Hospital for a couple of appointments today. We just got back home around 3:00pm and boy are we tired.
It was a good day! Hudson didn't even cry when labs were drawn and she was able to get blood on the first poke. Praise God! Our renal appointment went great. Hudson weighed in at 15 lbs 12 ounces and 66cm long! Everyone, including us, were SO excited for his weight gain this past month. Thank you for praying for him to gain weight! Everyone thought he looked great and healthy!  

Now dialysis talk..... we were hopeful that his kidneys might be starting to do something since he's been doing so well and his blood pressure has been perfect and he's not on any BP meds. While the blood work numbers showed that darn creatinine still hasn't budged and is still at 3.2 we are still hopeful. His kidneys must be doing something because we've upped his feed and he's gained some good weight this past month so it would be assumed he should be battling high blood pressure right now with those increases, and he's not. So that indeed is worthy of praise. With as much weight as he's gained they typically would increase his fill volume on dialysis. Since things have been going good just as they are they decided to leave everything as is and not increase his fill volume this next month. As he continues to gain more weight we are going to see what those kidneys do without increasing volume. We are hopeful that his BP will still remain stable over this next month. At our appointment next month they will do a urine test and a Kt/v test to test his dialysis drainage. Those tests will give them a good understanding as to how well dialysis is working for Hudson. Based on those test and his blood work numbers if all still looks great they may consider going from 10 hours of dialysis to 9 hours. Lots to look forward too! Please keep those prayers coming for continued growth, good health, and those kidneys to work. God is good and we so appreciate all the prayers! You all are amazing!

After our renal appointment we had a little break before our next appointment so we ran up to say hi to some of our NICU nurses but today must have been their off day. So instead, we ran up to our renal floor on 5 East and said hi to our favorite 5th floor nurses instead. They hadn't seen Hudson since our last stay back in August for our g-tube surgery. So it was nice to say hi. After saying hi, we ran back to our g-tube appointment as it was time for it to get switched out and for mommy to learn how to replace it. He laid perfectly still and didn't fuss a bit during the replacement. Mommy's got this down how to change it out so we were good to go. Finally out of Riley we go and are ready to pick up sisters and get home! See? This was quite a busy day!

Mr. Hudson, I think is trying to whistle! He was making mommy laugh just blowing air through his lips! Too fun! And I was able to catch it on camera too! Oh the things we do at the doctor's office. Thanks for reading! Much love! 

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