Friday, January 13, 2017

10 Month's Old

Look who's 10 months old today!!

I can't believe how fast time is flying! Our baby is almost one! 
Hudson is at such a fun age. It feels like every day he is learning something new. He makes us laugh all the time and he is the bravest and most sweetest boy you'll ever meet. He is getting stronger and more daring. We are SO SO proud of him.
At 10 months he:
-is 7.54 kg (16.6 pounds) and 66 cm long (26 inches)
-rolling front to back
-still has 0 teeth
-standing against a table or furniture
-loves toys that makes sounds or light up
-loves being played with roughly (which he can only do on an empty stomach)
-is making lots of sounds that sound like dada, baba, yay, wow
-absolutely hates getting dressed
-sleeps through the night 9pm -9am
-blows raspberries and air
-is starting to scream/squeal thanks to his sisters
He is such a joy and is working so hard at PT/OT. He has grown so much in both actions and weight/height this past month. Keep growing Huddy Buddy! God's got BIG things in store for you!  <3

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