Thursday, March 9, 2017

Hudson's 7th Surgery

Of course Hudson likes to keep us on our toes 5 days before his birthday, 3 days before his party and 1-2 days before family comes into town to visit. Just our luck that his catheter alarms every.single. drain last night. So we make a phone call to good old dialysis to let them know something seems off. They call us in for an x-ray and labs and of course it would be our luck that his catheter is stuck behind his spleen and not in his pelvic area where it's supposed to be. That's right folks, we are getting admitted and scheduled as an add on for surgery tonight. 
The plan is to hopefully have surgery tonight to flip it back down, do about 6 hours of dialysis during the day tomorrow and be discharged tomorrow evening. But that is the 'if all goes well plan'. 

Please please pray with us that he would have surgery tonight, that it would be a quick and easy fix, that all would run smooth and that we would be home as soon as possible. Party plans are still on and everyone is hopeful we should be home Friday at the latest. Please pray for Hudson as he goes without food this whole afternoon/ night and that his hunger pains will be minimul. Thanks in advance for all those prayers. We'll keep you posted. ♥

Right before 7th Surgery

I cannot praise our doctors and nurses enough here at Riley Hospital! I just found out our doctor wrote a special note to the surgeon telling him Hudson has a birthday coming up that we need to be home to celebrate. That is amazing! Eveything has flown so smoothly this visit I am simply amazed. We are so thankful to be surounded by an amazing team of doctors and nurses that truly care. 

Hudson has been sleeping a lot. He's held his feedings down and we are getting set up to begin dialysis soon. If everything drains properly like we are hoping, then the plan is to be discharged this evening. 

Also, since we are still relatively new to this kidney realm I found out today is World Kidney Day. Kidney disease has no cure and a transplant and dialysis are only a treatment. Multiple transplants are needed throughout a lifetime and we all hope that some day in the future there will be a cure. In the mean time you'll often hear kidney people say "share your spare". If this is something you feel led to do it would be an amazing gift to someone fighting kidney disease. Or consider signing up to be an organ donor. Kidney disease is hard. For Hudson: he is connected to dialysis for 9 hours a night 7 days a week, 8 daily medications, vomits 1-3 times daily, unable to eat by mouth, multiple surgeries, developmental delays, 2-3 blood draws each month, multiple visits with specialists, twice weekly visits with therapists, and more.
Happy World Kidney Day!

Hudson after surgery 

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