Thursday, May 25, 2017

Hudson Update

Hudson had his monthly renal appointment today. We got there bright and early at 8am for a liver ultrasound. It was a routine ultrasound just to check for any growths that might/could occur on the liver. Thankfully everything looked great! They'll do another liver ultrasound when things start moving as we near transplant. Then off to labs.....our favorite phlebotomist was able to get labs on only one poke. Hooray!
At our kidney appointment Hudson refused to sit/lay on the exam table. He seriously hates exam tables and now knows somebody will be touching him if he is on it. He, of course, got himself all worked up he made himself vomit all over the floor. He was so upset they could not get a blood pressure reading on him. Getting up early, having a late breakfast, and being tired does not mix well at these appointments. The nurses and I are going over meds talking loudly above him screaming. Poor buddy. He did calm down and take a nice 30 minute nap on mom, though. Overall his lap work looks great! No new meds. We are still having trouble getting his PTH number within range and are tweaking his med again this month to see if that will help. 
He is now going up to 310 mL of fill volume on dialysis (still on 9 hours of dialysis). 
He weighed in at 17 lbs. 13 oz and 71 cm long.
Other than that our goal this next month is to try to slowly up his feeding volumes in hopes that will help him gain a bit more weight. 
Praise report: Hudson is slowly scooting, crawling, pulling himself up, and cruising!!!
Prayer requests:
-no more hospital admissions any time soon
-for Hudson to gain weight
-for Hudson to pick up on those fine motor skills (he is growing physically and focuses so much on crawling/walking that he's put those fine motor skills on the back burner)
-for Hudson to become more vocal. We've been pushing for First Steps to put him in speech therapy but so far they will not.
-for Hudson to stay healthy
-for his catheter to continue to drain and fill smoothly
Thanks for reading #teamHudson !

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  1. I am praying for all of you. .Gods strength. .Gods wisdom and peace. .rest under the wings of angels. .God has sent thousands of angels to you