Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Hudson's 8th Surgery

Hudson had a great night last night and has been sleeping a lot today. He is holding his feeds down and is staying comfortable with tylenol every 4 hours. I'm so glad he is resting well today. The plan is for him to do 12 hours of dialysis tonight at a low fill volume (180 ml). If all goes smooth on dialysis we can be discharged tomorrow. We will have to work our way back up to 290mL fill volumes at 9 hours of dialysis over the next week.  

On a side note, Hudson did not have dialysis these past 2 days. While his electrolytes stayed balanced his creatinine and BUN (numbers that show kidney function) went from 3.1 and 29 upon admittance to 3.9 and 32 today. After only 2 days off if his numbers got worse which shows he really needs dialysis to help keep all his numbers stabilized. 

Now we hope and pray this new, much better positioned, catheter will work beautifully for Hudson from now all the way up to transplant. 

Thank you for covering all of us in prayers this week! 

The picture below shows Hudson watching Mother Goose Club (singing nursery rhymes) on netflix. He loves this show!


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