Friday, September 29, 2017

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Evaluation!

3 days
11 hours in the car
15 appointments
600 miles traveled...

We made it through the transplant evaluation! Whew! By day 3 we are tired and beyond worn out trying to keep Hudson from licking the floors, literally. lol We followed him around constantly hand sanitizing and praying he doesn't pick up any bug. But he was a trooper! I'm certain he is now traumatized of clinical rooms as every time we walked into another one he immediately started crying. Poor kid. But he completed every single test, got every tube of blood drawn they needed, and sat somewhat patiently as mom and dad talked about anything and everything transplant related. 
Now we wait. His team will review his case and call us within the next two weeks and let us know if all is a go. After talking with the doctors everything looks very well and promising so far. Once his team approves him for transplant, Bryan and I decided we will both get tested to see if one of us are a match and move forward with that process first. 
Thank you all for the many many prayers! 

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