Sunday, August 6, 2017

Hudson Baby Gate

We bought a baby gate!!! That's right, #TeamHudson, a certain little boy in our home has learned to climb the stairs! It is SO exciting to see him meet another milestone. It's pretty funny, though, Hudson will only climb three stairs, look up and see all the rest, and whine and try to get back down. lol

Also, tomorrow is Hudson's monthly renal appointment. We would love your prayers in that it would only take one poke for his labs to be drawn. These past two weeks Hudson has done an amazing job and hardly vomiting at all even in the midst of teething and having a cough. I'm curious how his labs will look. Oh and since he's been holding down his food so well, we've been able to bump up his feed volume a bit and are excited to see him looking chubbier! He is officially over 20 pounds! Woot Woot! 

We'll be sure to give you an update on his appointment tomorrow. Thanks for the prayers!  


  1. With baby gates, where can I buy it? What is the rate? Currently I am having a baby 10 months old

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